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For maintaining and extending the straightener effect of the treatment, we recommend Braliz products for your hair care routine.


The Eco Shampoo balances the oiliness and deeply cleanses the hair fiber. Due to the fact that Eco Shampoo does not contain sulfate, either salt, it does not produce too much foam, so it is recommended to rub the hands with the product in order to activate the shampoo and to create the foam. Then apply it on the hair.


The Conditioner nourishes the hair providing softness and shine. It also controls the hair due to its anti-frizz action.


The Leave-In keeps the hair moisturised, nourished, and protected from sun damage, due to its formula with sun protection. 


To get better results after applying the Leave-in, use the hairdryer to activate the thermal properties of Braliz treatment, even though the hair is already dried. And you will experience a silky, soft and shiny hair.


The Braliz Power Mask provides deep moisturising and intense hair conditioning. How to use: After washing the hair with Eco Shampoo, apply the Power Mask on the threads. Leave it acting for 5 minutes and rinse it. Last but not least, apply the conditioner and rinse it. Finalize your hair care with a splash of our leave-in.

Kit Braliz with Eco Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in & Power Mask


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