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A commitment to our clients

This project was born in our chairs and it's and our clients will be a fundamental part.

The name “As Helenas” was inspired by the Brazilian characters created by Manoel Carlos, a famous soap opera writer. All his Helenas were real women, who had the opportunity to make mistakes and correct, love and hate, assume their insecurities and overcome dilemmas.

The difference is that here, who will tell your story, is yourself! We want you to inspire and be inspired by other women.

The aim of this project is to open a space on our social media to give women a voice and help them to share their stories and experiences.


This project has three guides and we need you to make them real:

The first one is called As Helenas and you will simply tell your story. Find below some ideas for topics to be covered, but don't limit yourself to them:

• Society's pre-judgments on a specific issue in your life

• Any type of devaluation and disempowerment of women

• Single maternity

• Maternity leave: Back to work

• Too many children? No kids yet?

• Prejudice and racism

• Homoaffectiveness

• Harassment at work or anywhere

• Cancer / Hair Loss

• Abuse of men at home

• Lack of understanding and respect by men at work

• Lack of consent in relationships

If you are interested in contributing to the project and telling your story to help other women, please read the script below carefully.

GP Magazine - As Helenas Pauta 1
Download PDF • 138KB

The second one is about the Woman Entrepreneur, as we will open a space for you to talk about your business, creating more visibility and connections.

If you are interested in presenting your project, product or service on our social medias, please read the script below carefully:

GP Magazine - A mulher empreendedora Pauta 2
Download PDF • 133KB

The third one is called “My Story With You…”, in which Gleiton will tell stories about his trajectory and friendship with his clients.


If you are interested in being one of our Helenas, please contact Mariana, our marketing responsible, via

We hope you enjoyed this project and are looking forward to being one of our Helenas.

Gleiton Pedro and Team


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