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In this blog post, you will find out the COLOR MENU, which holds 5 different and irresistible creations of the most aspired highlights for next year. Each technique can be meticulously crafted so that it will perfectly match any woman and their hair type.

The collection features the next 5 looks – from the lightest to the darkest: The Dutch Blonde, Summer of Love Blonde, On Fire Balayage, Queen B Balayage, and Born this Way Contouring.

Meet my The Dutch Blonde technique.

This is the most famous European blonde, it goes perfectly with light skin tones, although it can also enhance some darker skin tones.

The Dutch Blonde is a very light blonde, level 10, and to reach it, it demands so much from the strands. Therefore, I recommend it for women with blonde bases, between levels 6 to 10, and who want to look 100% blonde.


Meet my Summer of Love Blonde technique.

This relaxed blonde refers to that sunkissed blonde, which gives the woman a natural and bright look, brings modernity and leaves her quite free in terms of hair growth, because although there are a lot of strands, they are not so close to the roots, therefore, hair growth does not affect the freshness appearance of the look.

This is a medium-light blonde, at level 8, but the idea of Summer of Love Blonde is that the tone of the highlights is always 3 to 5 levels lighter than the client's natural base.


Meet my On Fire Balayage technique.

If even natural blondes want to get balayage, why wouldn't redheads want to get it as well?

Well, a flat redhead is like a flat blonde or a flat brunette. All beautiful! But a highlighted contouring can dramatically enhance a woman's appearance.

Can you see how through that beautiful red hair there're lighter red flashes? Impressive, isn't it? What is wonderful, through the On Fire technique, becomes inexplicable.


Meet my Queen B Balayage technique.

Perfect for brunettes who want spots of light spread up so strategically all over their heads, which results in a spotlight brightening the woman through and through.

This technique fits perfectly any hair type and color, but it's the key for straight to curly-haired brunettes who want to keep their

hair healthy and enhance their own beauty

through intelligent and subtle brightness.


Meet my Born this Way Contouring technique.

The name says everything, this technique is subtle but involving, it offers lighter nuances to natural brown hair as if there are a light reflector directing the sunlight on the woman's face.

Due to the few strands concentrated around the head and low bleaching that the requires from the hair, around 3 levels only, the strands remain healthy, with good texture and smoothness.

Born this Way Contouring brings shine, softness and elegance to brunettes – of skin and hair.



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