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The contrast between hair color and the context around it

The hair trends featured at the 3rd edition of the photoshoot by Gleiton Pedro Studio, in partnership with Wella, show the colors and how they interfere with the looks as a whole. The new looks released were interpreted by major models and national and international influencers in the Netherlands.

As part of the Studio's culture, Gleiton Pedro and his team are constantly working to strengthen partnerships with global influencers and models, as well as other hairdressers masters in order to bring authentic and strong personality collections, differentiating themselves from any other studio in the Benelux region and its surroundings.

"Create an annual event like this is a pleasure, we can apply the whole knowledge acquired over the last year and see our evolution. In this edition, we went beyond the traditional, we embraced modern and classic trends, with the aim of showing the beauty in real life, adopting new trends to the daily lifestyle, hoping to surpass the expectations and needs of each client profile that sits on the chairs of our Studio," told Gleiton Pedro Soares, Founder and Chief Hairdresser of Gleiton Pedro Studio.

The Power of Color collection features different colors and hairstyles for ten models and eight influencers, more than 30 looks were created during two photoshoot days, reinforcing the main concept of the essay: how hair color can be strongly highlighted when applied correctly in a colorful context made of clothes, accessories, and backgrounds. "For us, this can be considered a special edition due to our partnership with Wella, a brand which, over the last year, our main hairdresser has been creating mixologies of colors for the hair of the models and influencers," emphasizes Mariana Grandi Monteiro, Community and Marketing Manager of Gleiton Pedro Studio.

Our photoshoot 2019

The Power of Color Collection: Pastel Colors

"Even before releasing the official photos of this collection, our customers are already scheduling their much-desired pastel color balayage, including the classic style clients I have. This is the advantage of working with Wella's colorations, they have a commercial variation of pastel colors, perfect for customized transformations for each customer profile", said Gleiton Pedro Soares.

The Power of Color Collection at day-to-day

Beyond the pastel colors, this collection also includes classic trends that never go out of fashion - blondes, lighted brunettes (brunette balayage), and balayage contours for the most conventional and elegant women with delicate and bulky haircuts and decorative elements. Despite the conventional characteristics of these looks, they all took many colors and elements, without losing the sense of modernity, sensuality, and style.

Soft and contrasting make-up

The makeups suggest a clean face sensation, but with an unconventional personality. Minimalist and colorful details supported the general composition of colors and their contrasts.

Romantic, loud, and contrasting backgrounds

The approach of colors was enhanced by the different and daring colors of the backgrounds. Pastel tones exhale charisma and romance. Impressive neon colors exude style and confidence. Two totally different color palettes, both strong trends of the season.


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